Business Automation

Making computerised systems work hard for you, dramatically increasing efficiencies, accuracy and capacity.

To compete in modern markets most companies are under pressure to increase efficiencies, accuracy & capacity whilst reducing overheads.  This is most effectively accomplished by embracing digital technology and interconnecting highly efficient systems.

Relatively few businesses have the in-house capability to develop their own technology and many ‘developed’ systems can be expensive, operationally restrictive and out-date quickly after the upheaval of bringing them in.

3WM provide a service for companies looking to automate, extend and streamline their operations in manageable, affordable stages.  Applying tailor made solutions which will provide immediate returns on investment.

Case Study

OCROS overview schematic

A well established manufacturer invited 3WM to consider opportunities for automation within its operations.

Together we identified key areas where bespoke development would produce immediate returns; automating core processes and significantly reducing labour content.

The delivered solutions, fully integrated with the client’s existing Sage® 200 Manufacturing deployment, enhanced functionality and usability of their core software whilst fully automating some labour intensive, error prone, processes.  The innovations included:

  • API integrated imports of Amazon sales orders into existing Sage® 200 suite;
  • Automatic reconciliation, importing and reporting of all marketplace payments, invoices, credits and charges;
  • Reconciliation of payments against invoices for key accounts in Sage® 200;
  • Import of cash and account orders from a stand alone web store;
  • Import of distributor/wholesaler PDF purchase orders received by email;
  • Pricing, reporting and mailing tools, simplifying and streamlining bulk modifications & notifications to their customers.

A modular approach to the development gave confidence through immediate returns on investment whilst providing a solid base structure for further managed cost-effective integrations & extensions.

We continue to support this company and have since been engaged by other companies within the same group.

With our rare blend of commercial awareness, operational experience and technical know-how, we create affordable, scalable and extendable solutions.  We deliver these quickly, dependably and without fuss:

  • Integrating your existing systems into well-considered end to end solutions.
  • Removing labour, improving accuracy & capacity.
  • Transaction reconciliation.
  • Debtor processing.
  • Single entry data strategies.
  • Intelligent stock prediction.
  • Highly effective analysis and reporting.
  • Line of business, operational and management portals.
  • EDI interfaces: connecting sites, customers and suppliers.
  • Auto/intelligent email notifications.
  • Intelligent CRM feeds.
  • Remote management interfaces.

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