EDI & Data Management

Interconnecting & integrating your systems with your customers, suppliers and the online marketplaces.

In today’s markets data is critical.  It needs to be accurate, consistent and of the highest quality.  It should exchange quickly, intelligently, seamlessly and accurately between customers, suppliers, partners and the online marketplaces.

There are popular standards and formats for data exchange which are often industry-specific and led by some of the larger, more expensive, proprietary systems.  There is also much variation and continuous evolution in the richness and quality of data available at each specific interface.  It is an evolving world.

Whether you are passing or receiving orders, invoices, tracking information, catalogue updates or stock feeds, the data should move efficiently, reliably and intelligently.  There is no room for inaccuracies, system failures, interventions or manual processes.


Rarely do two software products speak the same language.  At 3WM we bridge the gap, combining systems into a cohesive whole.  We can integrate big-name packages, bespoke systems, cutting-edge & legacy software.  If your software has an EDI mechanism (and sometimes even if it doesn’t), we can usually integrate it!

Our systems read and write in all common formats and can communicate with other software over any channel.

  • FTP(S), SFTP, REST / HTTP(S) Web services, SOAP / RPC

Business Logic

Integrating your systems brings the opportunity to add more functionality, automation  and intelligence into your workflows, e.g:

  • Auto-health check customer accounts on order receipts.
  • Auto-route orders according to price/stock availability.
  • Automate back order management.
  • Auto-reconcile and balance electronic invoices for import.
  • Build in rules-based shipping, packing & handling associations.
  • Build in rules-based promotions and discounts.
  • Market reactive, rules-based, dynamic price updates.
  • Automate customer acknowledgements, notifications, invoicing.
  • Analysis and reporting systems.

Do your existing systems lack this kind of functionality? They really don’t have to!

Speed & Latency

We understand the importance of latency in the e-commerce pipeline.  If you sell products through online marketplaces and dispatch from shared fulfilment centres, then your data should pass instantly (whilst intelligently) from the customer to your supplier.  We make systems event-driven, ensuring instant reactions to events as they occur:

  • You receive an order just before your cut-off time?  Have it route to fulfilment within seconds.
  • Stock runs dry on a fast moving product?  Auto update all your sales platforms instantly, preventing orders which you cannot fulfil.
  • Market prices change? Move with them.

Volume & Scalability

We are comfortable working with large data sets.  All our systems are built with volume and scalability in mind.

Case Study

Message volume processed by 3WM re-pricer.

Our Amazon intelligent price tracking system routinely tracks price movements from our competitors on our catalogue of nearly 30 thousand office products in real-time.

It routinely manages surges of data as our competitors update their catalogues in bulk. We regularly see spikes of up to 4000 price updates per minute.

Our system automatically scales to accommodate the load, enabling us to react instantly, intelligently and efficiently to movements in the market without ever falling behind.


3WM develop EDI systems tailored to the precise requirements of individual businesses and their existing invested technology.  We give particular regard to the subtleties of data available and to how it can be most intelligently used to benefit and improve all operational processes: extracting the most out of the data available for each transaction and giving you the competitive edge.

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