Market Intelligence

Continually monitoring your competitiveness in the online arena.

E-commerce is a rapidly moving, ultra-competitive arena.  In some markets, retailers launch new promotions & price adjustments daily.  If you are unable to keep track of the competition, it may be time to employ some tools to do the hard work for you.

3WM can help you fully understand your position in the market, with tools to:

  • Collect like-for-like pricing information from your competitors’ online stores.
  • Monitor for competing price movements in the online marketplaces.
  • Watch for new competitors entering the market, offering products from your catalogue.
  • Keep track of new product offerings or special price promotions from your competitors.
  • Provide instant competitor price comparisons to assist your sales staff.
  • Access on-demand downloadable or scheduled reports of competitors’ pricing and price changes.

Once deployed, our software makes it trivially simple to access your competitors’ pricing.

Continuous monitoring

Collecting bulk data can take some time, but our data collection services are always running, night and day.  Most product catalogues are of a suitable size that we can gather a full set of pricing data once per day, but in some cases we can provide near instant updates.

Price comparison for your website

If aggressive pricing is a key part of your selling proposition, you may want to incorporate our data into your online store in the form of a price comparison chart.  Show your customers exactly how much they can save by shopping with you over your competitors.  You could even present a savings summary in each customer’s basket before checking out, showing them the total amount saved when compared to shopping with your closest competitors.

It’s not all about pricing

Perhaps you’d like to learn how your competitors categorise their products? Or maybe you would like to gather images & product information sheets from manufacturers’ websites?  Just as the big search engines crawl the web, indexing data, we too can gather and parse data from almost any website or online store.

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