Product Representation

We supply over 100,000 products a year to more than 50,000 small, medium and large UK and EMEA businesses.

3WM owns and operates several well-established online stores covering a wide range of sectors and industries.  Servicing both businesses and consumers, we currently offer over 25,000 products from more than 600 mainstream, luxury and budget brands.

Our established web presence and technology allows us to launch new products quickly and effectively into the online retail space.

Our sophisticated email marketing platform enables us to market directly to hundreds of thousands of consumers, businesses, schools and other organisations daily, whilst strictly maintaining compliance with GDPR and PECR regulations.  This platform gives detailed insight into deliverability, open-rate and conversions of each campaign.

3WM can connect your product catalogue to the key online marketplaces, opening up a substantial revenue stream.  We routinely combine huge datasets of product information, with sophisticated EDI technology and have many years of experience working effectively with these platforms.

Each year we supply over 100,000 products to over 50,000 businesses through our own websites and API integration with leading online marketplaces.

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