Sage® Development

Harnessing real power by integrating seamlessly with your existing Sage® 50 and Sage® 200 back-ends.

As Sage® Developers we routinely interface directly with Sage® 50 and Sage® 200 back ends and provide bespoke advanced auto-reconciliation systems; vastly improving efficiencies, accuracy, scalability and immediacy whilst significantly reducing overheads.

  • Auto importing of sales orders, invoices from online and offline systems.
  • Integrated statementing and debtor processing systems.
  • Auto reconciliation of Amazon®, PayPal®, card and bank transactional reports.
  • Auto matching and reconciliation of electronic supplier invoices.

We can even automatically convert emailed PDF purchase orders emailed from your suppliers into sales and work orders in your Sage® system.

Case Study

Importing PDF purchase orders into Sage 200

A client approached us with the challenge to streamline the input & processing of orders received from several of their regular, non-EDI capable distributors.  Their customers were placing a high volume of orders via e-mail, by attaching purchase orders as PDF documents.  Manually processing and inputting these emails into their Sage® 200 platform was a bottle-neck, susceptible to errors and a significant labour overhead.

3WM built a bespoke solution to automatically process e-mailed purchase orders, without requiring their customers to adapt or change their process in any way.

This system automatically:

  • Monitors a standard IMAP mailbox for incoming e-mail messages with orders.
  • Downloads PDF attachments, identifies and extracts purchase orders using a set of purpose-built parsing templates.
  • Catches and reports to Sales any errors on customer purchase orders received
  • Raises sales orders by account in Sage® 200
  • Sends an order acknowledgement e-mail on successful completion of process

The time taken from receipt of a purchase order email to emailing the acknowledgement is approximately 2 seconds.

We build systems that auto-reconcile high volumes of received electronic invoices and credits from suppliers and marketplaces before constructing and importing corresponding ledger transactions directly into Sage® 50 or Sage® 200 systems.

If you have a Sage® 200 back end deployment, why not ask us how our OCROS middleware can connect you to the online world?

If you run your accounts on Sage® 50, we have an automated debtor processing system which will free up your staff whilst drastically reducing your debtor days.

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