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Colour, style and comfort, our seating covers all environments and areas of business from office spaces to visitor and meeting chairs. 

Executive Chairs

Never has more been asked of the modern-day executive. They must operate with peak efficiency, whilst regularly tackling long hours and stressful environments. Having stylish, comfortable seating that supports the user perfectly and offers a variety of functions is crucial for achieving optimum performance at work. 

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Task & Operator Chairs

Our task and operator chairs fulfil a variety of functions, styles and price points within the hectic workplace. Crucially, they ensure office users have comfort and the right performance to help them achieve what they need to do.

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Posture Chairs

More working hours are lost through back pain and poor posture than for any other reason. Every chair in our posture range has multiple functionalities and excellent back support to support the ideal sitting experience depending on your height, weight and usage. 

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Visitor & Meeting Chairs

Meetings are often where the best businesses are forged. So whether you're discussing the next marketing campaign or meeting with a supplier to discuss terms, our comfortable and practical stylish seating options will keep you refreshed and engaged. 

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Reception Chairs

A space to breakout and relax and unwind, reception chairs are often vibrant, stylish and can even be connected in modular formats to create your own unique reception area. 

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Classroom Chairs

One of the most versatile environments is the school classroom, which is why our classroom chairs are built sturdy and durable to withstand the school day ahead. 

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